Erez Sabag

My Favorite T-shirt
by Erez Sabag
Publisher's Description
Through photography and digital video, Erez Sabag presents in My Favorite T-shirt a collection of young exquisite New Yorkers posing, staring wide-eyed, revealing homes and habits through their presentation of self with apparent hopes of finding connection through commonality with their unseen observer. The digital video proves that commonality as it shows in real time spanning days or just a few hours people dancing in their scantily decorated lower east side apartments, philosophizing with partners, playing, singing into hairbrushes, creating art, questioning life, building a home, making dinner-all universal experience-proving once again that elemental to being human is to seek and achieve connection through shared understanding.
ISBN: 0976753405
Publisher: Erez Sabag Publishers
Hardcover : 96 pages
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