Patrick Alt

Unknown Tuscany
by Patrick Alt
Publisher's Description
Printing Industries of America, the world's largest graphic art trade association, has annnounced the winners of its annual Benny awards, reknowned as the premier graphic arts award. Among the recipients of the awards is Unknonwn Tuscany, which was lauded for its production. And the book is also slated to receive an award in the 15th Annual Applied Art Design & Advertising Annual competition! The winning entries will be featured in the December issue of Applied Arts Magazine.

Unknown Tuscany, the first book of Patrick Alt’s photographic work, takes the viewer on a journey to out of the way places and overlooked details of this most famous part of Italy. Shot with his 8 X 10 inch large format camera and rendered in the exquisite platinum printing process, these images trace Alt’s travels through the back roads of the Tuscan countryside. “For Alt is not interested in bringing back images of something already there and waiting for us, but rather in capturing images of a Tuscany that does not yet exist, that comes into being as he develops his pictures,” says Lyle Rexer in his insightful introduction to the book. “This Tuscany is the unknown Tuscany, not of untraveled byways, not of unexpected light and shadow, but of the artist’s imagination.” This dark green silk covered book has a tipped front image and copper foil typeset. It was printed in quadtone on heavy uncoated paper to closely match the tonality of the original hand made platinum prints.

About the limited edition:
ISBN: 0977258505
Publisher: Mammoth Plate Press
Hardcover : 96 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.6 x 0.7 inches
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