Burk Uzzle

Just Add Water: Photographs by Burk Uzzle
by Burk Uzzle
Publisher's Description
A self-described “hard puppy to keep under the porch,” photographer Burk Uzzle created the images in Just Add Water by traveling across the United States with his 8 x 10 camera, capturing the vivid, celebratory, sometimes eccentric personality of the American landscape in the unique style that has become his trademark. This large-format book marks Uzzle’s first major published series of color photographs.

Burk Uzzle, on the photographs in this book: “In most of these pictures I am exulting in America’s personality out on a limb with itself. That teeter-totter balance between logic and humor as the limb seems about to break also relates to how I strive for formally impeccable compositions but then have some loose lug nut rattling around somewhere in the frame, giving a subversive aspect to the dialogue between graphics and content. It’s as if America and I try so hard to get everything right, but in spite of ourselves we invariably end up out on that limb, finding that often the only real salvation comes with a gentle chuckle and a sly, knowing smile. All my pictures seem to conclude that logic, while useful to a point, is by itself a bore. So we might as well have a little fun, even if it’s in between some tears.”
ISBN: 0977719367
Publisher: Five Ties Publishing
Hardcover : 120 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 15 x 12.1 x 0.5 inches
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