Dash Snow

Dash Snow: God Spoiled a Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth in Yer Mouth
by Dash Snow
Publisher's Description
Readers of this book will not lack for images of penises (soft and hard), drug paraphernalia, naked old men, naked young women or melancholic landscapes. Featuring a variety of well chosen papers and several special inserted elements-like a bound-in, folded flyer reading, YOUNG PERFORMERS/ TRANSEXUALS NEEDED For film by DASH SNOW (Private Location), $50hr, party favors included, Must be willing to take it off, Take IT FAR'-God Spoiled a Perfect Asshole When He Put Teeth in Yer Mouth is titled after Snow's recent one-person exhibition at Peres Projects, Los Angeles. This riveting and highly collectible exhibition catalogue contains full-color illustrations of Snow's Dada-esque, playful and often nasty collage works and his photographs of Lower East Side 'counter-counter-culture.' It begins and ends with production stills from Snow's 2007 video, 'Untitled (Penis Envy).
ISBN: 0977881997
Publisher: Peres Projects, Holdings Ltd, Andorra
Hardcover : 268 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.6 x 11.1 x 1 inches
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