Bruce Weber

All-American VI: Larger Than Life (All-American, #6)
by Bruce Weber
Publisher's Description
As with past editions of our journal, All-American VI: Larger Than Life seeks to celebrate the grandeur of personal creativity and the artistic process. But this year’s volume takes a varied approach, highlighting the accomplishments of artists and patrons alike. Daniel and Rita Fraad, the prominent collectors of American art, are commemorated in a personal essay by their grandson, who lived among the extraordinary paintings reproduced in this year’s volume. Laura Nyro’s deeply emotive music is interwoven with photos, written fragments and rarely seen drawings in her own hand. The distinguished American choreographer Jack Cole is remembered in photographs by Marcus Bleckman and Eileen Darby and a personal letter from Chita Rivera. Other larger-than-life talents include poets Naomi Long Madgett, Vievee Francis, Ogden Nash and Howard Bement; photographers Leni Sinclair, Stephen Sharpiro, Kevin Thatcher, and the extraordinary painter Kadir Nelson.
ISBN: 0978712412
Publisher: Little Bear Press, New York NY
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