All-American VII 'Till I Get It Right - An Anthem For The South (All-American Series, VII)
by Nan Bush, Nathaniel Kilcer Bruce Weber
Publisher's Description
The people who contribute work to these books reflect a wide spectrum of the American cultural experience.
All-American Vii: 'Till I Get It Right is an affectionate testament to the mystery, romance, and charm of the American South. It features the work of civil rights movement photographers Charles Moore, James Karales, and Ernest Withers; a tribute to Southern writers including Lillian Hellman, James Agee, Walker Percy, Nikki Giovanni and more; photographic portfolios dedicated to country music artists Gram Parsons, Kentucky-born socialite Countess Mona Bismark, and Joseph McPhillips - headmaster of the American School of Tangiers; a selection of paintings by Clementine Hunter; and photographs of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade in Liberty City, Miami by Bruce Weber.
ISBN: 0978712420
Publisher: Little Bear Press, LLC
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