Joe Bauwens

by Joe; MaryBeth Flower Bauwens
Publisher's Description
Immerse yourself in the living story of the piazza. Celebrate its everyday patterns, festivals, reenactments of medieval events, ancient athletic contests, grand processions, antique fairs, and more. These stunning images capture the warmth, joy, and delight of Italian life.

Italy comes alive in the piazza; it is the true heart of Italy's culture and has been for centuries. Join the photographers on a journey through the country's rich and varied history as they explore the grand of piazzas of Rome, Venice and Florence, and small towns in the Italian countryside with intimate squares bustling with activity.

Experience the historic moment in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, when the gigantic crowd explodes with excitement as the new Pope is introduced. Witness Siena's famous horse race, the Palio, and behold the sumptuous Renaissance costumes handmade by local artisans. Tour Gubbio and learn about the unique Ceri Marathon, a wild festival that has been held every year since the twelfth century. Savor the piazza along the shores of Lake Orta as the sun sinks behind the surrounding mountains. Discover Norcia, snuggled high in the Apennine Mountains, and observe its elaborate three-day celebration in honor of St. Benedict, its patron saint. Stroll around Arezzo's fascinating antique fair and dig among its many treasures.

For 2500 years the people of the Italian Peninsula have been gathering in town squares to hear political speeches, shop at markets, collect water, and spend time with neighbors. The piazza is an integral part if everyday Italian life. Piazza: Italy's Heart & Soul provides a front row seat for viewing daily events in the square.

Life in an Italian piazza is romantically reminiscent of a bygone era. Spectacular architecture serves as a backdrop to the daily rhythms of each town. Explore the piazzas of Italy and discover an enchanting mixture of love, laughter, intimacy, family, and friendship.

This book features 250 dazzling photographs in vivid color of Italy's town squares.
ISBN: 0978742478
Publisher: Eccola Press
Hardcover : 240 pages
Language: English
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