John Menapace

With Hidden Noise: Photographs by John Menapace
by John Menapace
Publisher's Description
With Hidden Noise spans over three decades of photographs by John Menapace. The sixty images in this collection were selected by Huston Paschal, who was guest curator for a 2006 retrospective exhibition at the Gallery of Art and Design at North Carolina State University.

“Many people have known Menapace's work for decades, and his recognition has inspired and engaged that community. His teaching and publications like the Latent Image series and letter in a Klein bottle have also helped make North Carolina an important center for photography.”—C. V. Brown

“John Menapace's impact on the practice and acceptance of photography in (North Carolina) has been incalculable. The high standard to which he rigorously adhered supplied crucial reinforcement to developing artists and to those he taught in—and out of—the classroom. His photographs have helped inform a wider public about the nature of the medium; they offer unquestionable evidence of its legitimacy as a fine art.”—Huston Paschal
ISBN: 0979123003
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
Hardcover : 84 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 1 x 0.1 x 1.1 inches
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