Michael Grecco

Naked Ambition: An R-rated Look at an X-rated Industry
by Lonn Friend & Rob Hill
Publisher's Description
Backstage at the Adult Video News Awards. With a team of 22 casting agents, producers, talent bookers, technicians, writers and adult film consultants, Grecco gained access to every part of the four-day Las Vegas pornography extravaganza, capturing portraits of porn stars and their producers, the wannabes and the legends, the fans and the partygoers. Chosen from over 13,000 photographs, the book features a special photographic collection of the provocative props, hardware, footwear, sex toys and gadgets used exclusively in the adult industry: a $3,000, foot-tall, multi-colored, hand-crafted glass dildo is recalled with an almost archeological spirit. The text is by pop culture journalist/author, Lonn Friend and former FHM executive editor, Rob Hill. Insightful essays Biographical captions that lend literary depth to the breathtaking photos Companion feature in post-production Celebrity guest Forewords

About the limited edition:

The limited edition book which comes with a fine art print, is encased in a hard shell case and sealed with a handmade corset. This edition is limited to 1,500 books.

ISBN: 0979331404
Publisher: Rock Out Books
Hardcover : 224 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10.2 x 14.1 x 1.1 inches
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