William Wegman

William Wegman: Dogs on Rocks
by Marion Boulton Stroud
Publisher's Description
Dogs on Rocks is a volume of new photographs of WilliamWegman’s famous Weimaraners, taken while he was in residence at The Acadia Summer Arts Program in Maine or at his own home in Maine. Many of these stunning shots— of the dogs alone, in pairs or in groups—take advantage of the breathtaking vistas of Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, where the program is located. Wegman’s formal portraits of the animals are framed by the natural beauty and muted tones of the island’s forest and rocky beach. “I don’t feel lonely when I’m around them,” Wegman has said about his beloved dogs, “But I love also listening to them. I always make sure I spend some time just seeing what they’re really doing. Especially outside, you know,when you’re alone with them. Because so many people, including myself, fill in a whole vocabulary for them that is ours and not theirs. I remember spending some time for the first time with Man Ray, my first dog. I didn’t talk that day. I just listened to what he was listening to, the whole aura of smells and sounds and sights and things that he was picking up on during that day.” The Acadia Summer Arts Program was founded by Marion Boulton Stroud, the founder of The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, where she is the Artistic Director.
ISBN: 0979764203
Publisher: A.S.A.P.
Hardcover : 136 pages
Language: English
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