The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta
by Peter Kayafas
Publisher's Description
This entrancing full-color book (the first by American photographer Peter Kayafas) documents the astounding folk art of Ion Stan Patras (1908-1977), a Romanian woodcarver whose life's work was the storytelling grave markers of his northern Romanian village, Sapanta. Kayafas fell under the spell of these vividly colored, painted masterpieces in 2003, and returned to Romania in 2004 determined to capture both the artwork and poetic epitaphs on the grave markers. Whether someone died young or old, quietly in his bed or far from home, Patras' markers remain unique memorials, and Kayafas' photos do them justice. Includes meticulously translated epitaphs by Adrian Shalean.
ISBN: 0979776805
Publisher: Ram Distribution
Paperback : 120 pages
Language: English
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