Vera Lutter

Vera Lutter: a ghost still is like a place
by Vera Lutter ~with text by Rainer Maria R
Publisher's Description
'a ghost still is like a place' is a hardcover book. The book measures 9.75 x 9.75 inches, and contains 56 pages, with 24 duotone (black-and-white) plates, all selections from Lutter's haunting 'Venetian' series. To produce her one-of-a-kind paper negatives, Lutter works with what must be the most elementary of photography tools: the camera obscura, which can be as simple as a pinhole in a piece of paper. With it, she creates evocative panoramic images of often familiar land and cityscapes, but her staging and process disorient the viewer. Her transpositions of light and darkness seem to heighten the contrasts, making the usual more stark. Lutter has captured the dark romance of Venice; she illuminates the storied architecture, and shows its solidity in sharp contrast against the ephemeral glow of the water and the moving gondolas. The book was limited to an edition of 750 copies.
ISBN: 0979793610
Publisher: Baldwin Gallery
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