Connections: A Visual Journal
by Ford Robbins
Publisher's Description
Santa Fe photographer Ford Robbins presents images that speak of his journey through the land over many decades. His love of the land in its various manifestations is acutely present in each image he creates. Land, sky, water, and architecture mark the paths he has taken, the connections he has found and recorded. Such are the memories documented in this deeply engaging book of black-and-white photographs. As we view the breadth of Robbins's work, the vivid, the austere, and the sensual, we may find ourselves reconnecting with sensual or temporal memories of our own. In this book Robbins invites us to come with him and enjoy the delights of the world around us.

'Texture and the abstracted nature of (Robbins's) selective focus creates surfaces many painters would envy. This is the artist's eye at work ...to use the reality of material existence as a way to break through the limits of time and place.“—The Santa Fe New Mexican

“… a love affair with light across America.”—The Bloomsbury Review
ISBN: 0979986532
Publisher: Red Mountain Press
Paperback : 96 pages
Language: English
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