David Levinthal

Bad Barbie
by David Levinthal
Publisher's Description
Bad Barbie, published to accompany a show of David Levinthal’s photographs of the same name, reproduces 25 black and white images the artist made in his early experiments shooting toys. Arranged in a loose narrative sequence the photographs depict the commercially ubiquitous dolls, Barbie, her “boyfriend” Ken, and G.I. Joe, in a series of poses and tableaux of sexual liaison and activity. The young artist was responding to a contemporary atmosphere of new sexual license enjoyed by youthful America following the liberal-leaning social upheavals of the 1960s. Barbie, already a popular icon, had morphed into the preternaturally blonde, tanned, buxom California beach model so desirous of the era. Levinthal shoots her in scenes of sexual libertinism, solo and with partners, reveling in her freedom and sexuality. She gives pleasure and is pleasured in return.
ISBN: 0982074778
Publisher: JMc & GHB Editions
Hardcover : 60 pages
Language: English
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