Louviere + Vanessa

by Louviere + Vanessa
Publisher's Description
The first publication of Louviere + Vanessa, coinciding with a ten year survey of their art at the Polk Museum of Art. The book showcases sketches, photos and hidden images plus a flip book movie tracing the first seven series of their artwork from 2003-2013. The opening commentary from Adam Justice, Curator of Art at the Polk Museum of Art offers an insightful introduction of the artists' experimental oeuvre and the closing essay by Dr. Ken Wach, Associate Professor and Principle Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne School of Culture and Communication, helps set the artists' works in context among the best of surrealist photography from Man Ray and Hans Bellmer to David Lynch.
ISBN: 0982576986
Publisher: Polk Museum of Art
Paperback : 64 pages
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