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Sarah Christianson: Homeplace
by Sarah Christianson
Publisher's Description
'The search for home place is the mythical search for the axis mundi, for something to hang on to,' wrote Lucy Lippard in The Lure of the Local. For Sarah Christianson, home is a 1,200-acre farm in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. Her parents are the fourth, and last, consecutive generation to work this land, as she and her siblings have all moved away to pursue other careers. The realization that she was part of a larger rural exodus provided her with the impetus to document her farm at this critical juncture. She combined her images with materials from her family's archive to create a rich, multilayered narrative about family tradition, agriculture, emigration and the passage of time. The result is a document that not only tells of hard toil and the declining role of the family farm in our economy, but also celebrates a resilient and fiercely independent tradition.
ISBN: 0983231699
Publisher: Daylight Books
Hardcover : 108 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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