Andrea Camuto

Terrain of Loss: Afghan Exiles in Their Own Land
by Andrea Camuto
Publisher's Description
'Andrea Camuto's beautiful, haunting photographs chronicle the struggles of Afghan refugees, particularly women, as they search for home in their war-scarred homeland. Her lens brings home the enormous toll three decades of upheaval have exacted on women and children. Her subjects are mothers who live in fear, children who wander through abandoned buildings and windy plains, the horizons of their lives tragically shortened. It is there, on every page, brought gloriously to life: the pain, the fear, the crushing despair, but also, the dim glints of hope, the small moments of grace.'-Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner

ISBN: 0983391920
Publisher: El Leon Literary Arts
Hardcover : 106 pages
Language: English
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