Terri Weifenbach

Terri Weifenbach: Another Summer, Limited Edition
by Terri Weifenbach
Publisher's Description
An intimate narration by photographer Terri Weifenbach who is otherwise known for her distinctive perspectives of our nature surroundings; be it the bee that has all the freedom in the garden, or a small but bright flora stretching out from the belonging bush. In this book she shifts her lens to a more personal space, exploring the longing and ennui that roams around the childhood, and the wilderness that frames them. This is Weifenbach’s 9th book, and she has published through Loosestrife Editions, Nazraeli Press, and Onestar Press, including the titles Snake Eyes, In Your Dreams, and Politics of Flowers.
ISBN: 0984194401
Publisher: The Thunderstorm Press
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