by Lukas Birk
Publisher's Description
The journal, Kafkanistan, explores how we are all influenced by the media. Believing that many of us will never visit the region and all we know about it is what we read in the newspapers and what we see on television, the authors were interested in perceptions based on the media versus their reality as visitors. These are, through first-hand experience and interviews with the local people and the objects in their lives, documented in this book.

However, this is not a straightforward journal, because through their inquiry, the travelers discovered that the 'real' world of the tourist this region has, is so bizarre, that it is a surreal one.Thus each man adopted an identity, to better integrate in his travels through the universe of 'Kafkanistan,' to aptly describe their experiences. Here is an image of a world that is based on and which represents actual happenings that are so unusual that they seem to be the work of fiction.
ISBN: 0985169621
Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated
Paperback : 234 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.1 x 1 inches
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