Osmos Magazine: Issue 01
by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz
Publisher's Description
After cofounding Fantom in 2009 in Milan and New York in 2009, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz is continuing the endeavor by launching her magazine with the new name of Osmos. Nourishing contemporary perspectives in photography and the visual arts, and delivering a unique view on the art of photography and contemporary creativity, its content is divided into recurring thematic sections: 'Eye to Eye,' in which two photographers converse; 'By Appointment Only,' which looks to a particular collection; 'Eye of the Beholder,' where gallerists discuss the talents they expose; 'Means to an End,' about the side effects of non-artistic image production. With a radical blend of arresting images, print quality and distinctive design, Osmos is the only magazine in the market fostering photography as the medium crossing all creative industries and practices-advertising, art, design, fashion and media-aiming at the core of our imagination.
ISBN: 0988340410
Publisher: Osmos
Paperback : 120 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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