Katie Murray

Katie Murray: All the Queens Men
by Katie Murray
Publisher's Description
All the Queens Men, made over the better part of a decade, is an equal parts imagined and genuine ambiguous tale-a collision of fact and fiction, made in the real-life New York City borough of Queens with the real-life men of Murray's family and community. Rites of passage, rituals, traditions, codes of conduct and inter-generational patterns of behavior play out over the course of many years in a domestic and urban setting. The landscape, either actual or representational, is always present; divided, fragmented, overgrown with humanity, mysterious and untamed but ultimately beautiful. It reflects a relationship that is simultaneously submissive and antagonistic, which mirrors the dichotomy that is at play in these men. Mythical and monumental gestures reveal distanced and intimate relationships between people, and offer a deeper look into the psychology of these men, and how their traditions are passed on from one generation to another.
ISBN: 0988983125
Publisher: Daylight Books
Paperback : 90 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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