Mark Swope

Paint & Memory - Photographs of New Orleans 2003-2005
by Mark Swope
Publisher's Description
Mark Swope is a Los Angeles-based photographer who focuses on the urban landscape. Paint and Memory documents the precarious balance between nature and structure in New Orleans. The photographs in this book, made in the years preceding Hurricane Katrina, are evidence of nature’s perpetual re-claiming of the human altered landscape. It is a conflict that has fascinated Mr. Swope ever since he first visited New Orleans in 1999. The quality of these images can best be described in the Japanese phrase “mono-no-aware”, meaning “very understated and having a beautiful sadness.”

About the Limited Edition

Edition of 30 copies, each signed, numbered and comes with a signed archival pigment print. The photograph is the cover image and is printed on 8.5 x 11'' Moab Entrada natural paper. The image size is 7 x 4.75'' The photograph comes in an acid free pelum fold over sheet, held in place with two archival corners in the back of the book.
ISBN: 1424305470
Publisher: Carlyle Press
Hardcover Language: English
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