David Levinthal

The Wild West: Photographs by David Levinthal
by David Levinthal
Publisher's Description
"In The Wild West, Levinthal's brilliantly colored 20x24-inch Polaroid prints create big, mythic western scenes--Indians hunting buffalo or fighting hand-to-hand with cowboys; gunslingers afoot and on horseback; bronco busting; a runaway stagecoach; and a lynching. Levinthal picks out unusual points of focus for his pictures, blurring much of the frame to achieve the effect of motion. Shot close-up, so that most of the photographic field is out of focus, the figures tend to loom, disguising the artificiality of a still life."
ISBN: 1560982918
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press
Paperback : 63 pages
Language: English
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