Cristina García Rodero

ESPANA OCULTA Public Celebrations in Spain, 1974-1989 (Spanish Edition)
by Cristina Garcia Rodero
Publisher's Description
For twenty years, Cristina García Rodero has been documenting the public celebrations, fiestas, and religious practices of contemporary Spain. From the pagan to the Christian, the tragic to the ludicrous, the private to the collective, García Rodero captures performances in the plazas, streets, bullrings, and backroads. The images focus on the individual men and women whose magical acts transform mundane daily life into the fiesta. Taken over the period 1974-1989, this collection of photographs also integrates a reflection of the democratic transition in Spain since 1975.
ISBN: 1560985305
Publisher: Smithsonian
Paperback : 135 pages
Language: English
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