Photoshop 5 Artistry: A Master Class for Photographers, Artists, and Production Artists
by Barry Haynes
Publisher's Description
Including specific chapters geared towards photographers, Photoshop 5 Artistry is a colorful, well-written guide to the most powerful image manipulation software on the market.
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This is an outstanding, full-color guide for professionals who frequently work with digital photographs and graphics. It features in-depth technical discussion and provides clever hands-on guidance and tutorials as you work through the images and settings on the book's companion CD-ROM, which contains demo versions of Photoshop 5 and Adobe ImageReady.

The beginning of the book provides an overview of digital imaging and of the key aspects of Photoshop. However, the bulk of the book assumes that you're prepared to use Photoshop fluently. For example, you learn how to create a master digital image and how to implement traditional photography techniques. The book explains the Zone System, a process defined by photographer Ansel Adams in which you set up your equipment so that you take just the picture you want, with particular regard to exposure values. The book teaches you to apply this system to the digital world by mastering color spaces, device characterization, color management, calibration, scanning, resolution, histograms, photo CD, and Photoshop's image-transformation tools. The authors provide an overview of the steps from initial to master image and create three master images that they tweak using Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, and Duotone features.

The subsequent hands-on sessions let you fine-tune images using selections, layers, Adjustment layers, and layer masks to control and change color and retouch images. You later create eye-catching artwork using calculations, patterns, filters, and effects. Finally, as you create images for the Web and multimedia, you learn about 8-bit and 24-bit color, the GIF and JPG formats, color palettes, and transparent GIF composites. A chart at the back of the book shows when you can expect noticeable fading on printed output from several devices. --Kathleen Caster

ISBN: 1562058959
Publisher: New Riders Pub
Paperback : 400 pages
Language: English
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