Little Red Riding Hood
by Sarah Moon
Publisher's Description
In a visual rendering like no other, Creative Editions proudly presents Little Red Riding Hood. Over three centuries, millions of readers the world over have come to know and love this fable of innocence undone by evil. A young country girl, 'the prettiest creature who was ever seen,' sets out for her grandmother's house on a path through the heart of the forest. There she meets the wicked and hungry Wolf. But it is only upon reaching her destination that Little Red Riding Hood learns-too late-of the Wolf's treachery. In bold and unforgettable style, Sarah Moon's striking photographs combine with Charles Perrault's classic text to form a dark, contemporary portrayal of Little Red Riding Hood's ill-fated journey.
ISBN: 1568461437
Publisher: Creative Editions
Hardcover : 32 pages
Language: English
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