Munch and Photography
by Birgit Holm
Publisher's Description
Eggum, curator of the Munch Museum in Oslo, discloses new aspects of Munch's art and practice in relation to photography, establishing fresh contexts for some of his most famous paintings. Munch's early interest in photography is related to the parallel interests of Christian Krohg and August Strindberg, with whom Munch worked closely. Tracing the influence of various photographic traditions--the snapshot, spirit photography, the picture postcard, etc.--on Munch, Eggum proceeds to examine the artist's reliance on photographs as the starting point for his work in portraiture. The book concludes with a discussion of Munch's own experimental photography made after 1902. Lavishly illustrated with many previously unpublished images.
ISBN: 0300045484
Publisher: Yale University Press
Hardcover : 208 pages
Language: English
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