Digital Camera Companion
by Ben Sawyer
Publisher's Description
The Digital Camera Companion is a great introduction to the world of digital imagery--thorough, but written for the beginner. It starts by examining digital cameras and what to look for in one. It then proceeds through many popular usages of digital imagery, tools for manipulation, and even wends its way through a discussion of digital, amateur astrophotography, morphing, and various aftermarket filters.
Amazon.com Review
Computer users who want to turn their photography into digital artwork usually start with a scanner, or instead use an existing digital photograph in the public domain. But with the advent of the digital camera, that's changing. A digital camera saves time and energy by enabling you to bypass the development and scanning process, letting you snap a picture and download it to your PC. This makes sense especially if you're taking photos expressly for the purpose of using them on your PC. The quality of the photos that digital cameras produce has improved, and so has the price. But you need to learn how to select the right digital camera for your needs and how to get the most out of it. Digital Camera Companion helps you with that process: selecting a camera, understanding how digital cameras work, taking digital photos, and using software to edit and add effects to your photos. The authors also explain in detail how to print your photos,whether for casual or professional projects, and how to publish your photos to the Web, whether you're creating simple images or QuickTime VR or Surround Video. There are several projects that you can step through, including one for creating a photo collage and one for creating a slide show or screen saver, and a full-color insert shows the results of using various filters, cameras, and resolutions. The writers address both Windows and Macintosh users and discuss editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Kai's Power Tools, Live Picture, and even a tool for creating music from your photos. There's also info on using fun editing tools such as Kai's Power Goo and on selling your work, as well as a reference guide to digital camera manufacturers. The CD-ROM that's included has demo and full versions of such software packages as Fractal Design Painter, Paint Shop Pro, and Kai's Power Tools. If you're a digital camera owner, or soon to be one, and whether you create digital artwork for fun or work (or both), check out this book.
ISBN: 1576100979
Publisher: Coriolis Group
Paperback : 372 pages
Language: English
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