Red Light
by Sylvia Plachy
Publisher's Description
Sylvia Plachy, staff photographer for the Village Voice and author of the acclaimed Unguided Tour, teams up with author James Ridgeway in this investigation of the sex industry in America. With over three years in preparation, with the participation of over one hundred sex workers, Plachy and Ridgeway reveal the cruel efficiency of the business, juxtaposed with the human side of the men and women who work in it.
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Sylvia Plachy, a photographer for the Village Voice, and James Ridgeway, a reporter for the same publication, have delved into the depths of the pornography trade to explore and explain both its allure and its vulgarity. There is a sense of shock value in exposing the most lurid of fantasies--a man who has his dominatrix mummify him in concrete--that is tempered with theories as to how such an industry could have evolved. We also get to meet for ourselves those in the trade, providing a walk on the wild side within the safe confines of photographs and words.
ISBN: 1576870014
Publisher: Power House Books
Hardcover Language: English
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