Love Is Blind
by Marvin Heiferman
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This quirky little picture book describes itself as "a true-false test, a chance to measure our private love experiences against the demonstrations of love we see around us every day." Drawing from many sources--advertising, movies, the news--Love Is Blind is alternately witty, trite, and disturbing as it examines every kind of love from the personal to the political. An image of Mother Teresa is juxtaposed with one of Ivana Trump hawking her romance novel; the Jonestown massacre faces a smiling O. J. Simpson hugging a blonde girl; the Vietnam Veterans Memorial stands alone.

Although often the visual quips are a touch belabored (placing a photograph of Prince Charles across from a magazine cover for Modern Romance is just one example), many of the images themselves are arresting. Love Is Blind begs a closer look; with each perusal the view gets darker, stranger, and more compelling.

Publisher's Description
Fabio carries Dr. Ruth across the threshold and Marilyn Monroe blows us a kiss. Humbert Humbert paints Lolita's toenails and the John Travolta look-a-like contest convenes. This ironic little collection captures the contrasting crass and tender tendencies of love's representation in American media culture.
ISBN: 1576870073
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Hardcover : 96 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6.9 x 8.6 x 0 inches
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