François Nars

by Andre Leon Talley
Publisher's Description
The most captivating fashion monograph is years, François Nars's X-Ray is a filled with attitude, humor, and an elaborate sense of style that perfectly captures the sophisticated yet irreverent temperament of the fashion industry today. Review
Famed makeup artist and photographer François Nars has assembled a book of his portraits in X-Ray. The one-page preface, written in French by fashion maven Andre Leon Talley, makes the point that this is not a text-heavy book. The photos are large-format, and each portrait occupies an entire page. Readers will find many familiar as well as unfamiliar faces here, all set in vivid Technicolor against a stark white background. Among the most recognizable are the photos of supermodel Shalom Harlow as a naughty Snow White. Nars's subjects are varied, but they are all legends in their own right, contributors to a stylistic vision, both of his world and their own. A few favorites of this reviewer are Ivanka Trump as a perched yellow canary, Kate Moss as Dorothy, Alexander McQueen wearing British flag contact lenses, and Amber Valletta as a 1960s airline stewardess. Then there are the more straightforward portraits--involving less costuming--of Chloe Sevigny, Sharon Gault, Grace Jones, Isabella Rossellini, Francesco Clemente, Tim Burton, Susan Sarandon, and a slew of models, designers, artists, and musicians young and old. The portraits are simple, yet Nars's sense of color and the up-front-and-center feeling of the images--so many interesting faces, some staring at readers unmasked, others transformed into utter fantasy--are phenomenally powerful. --Amra Brooks
ISBN: 1576870359
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Hardcover : 256 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 12.5 x 15.8 x 0 inches
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