Linda Troeller

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Spa Journeys
by Linda Troeller
Publisher's Description
Spas have been a cherished indulgence for the greater part of human history, representing the ultimate fusion of physical pampering and spiritual renewal. From austere retreats to luxurious pleasure palaces, spas can be found on mount-aintops and on beaches, in deserts and in vineyards—even on the high seas. Spa Journeys showcases a superb selection of remarkable retreats, from historical sites that have been attracting pilgrims for centuries, to the sumptuous holistic enterprises that are changing the face of health in the beauty and wellness industry worldwide. Seamlessly blending an artistic exploration of these oases of symbiotic mind, body, and soul rejuvenation with expert practical information on what to do, when to go, and what to have done, Spa Journeys features writer Annette Foglino’s examination of twenty-five spa destinations, while Linda Troeller’s beautiful and inviting photographs provide the perfect complement with vivid, atmospheric images illustrating the signature style of each spa. Covering the latest in spa technology, treatments, activities, and cuisine, Spa Journeys pairs both extensive practical information with first-person narrative so that readers can choose the spa experience best suited to their needs. Spa Journeys will take you to Rancho La Puerta in the desert outside Tecate, Mexico, with its sacred Indian mountain and extraordinary variety of fitness and meditation classes; to Miraval in Tucson, Arizona, with its innovative horse-whispering program and focus on Zen “mindfulness” techniques; to the Toskana Therme in Germany, with its “Liquid Sound,” a creative melding of music and water. These spas all offer powerful reflection time along with their bliss. Just open up Spa Journeys, and you will open yourself up to new worlds. Review
Spas have been around for centuries, yet the flux of pampering palaces that have sprung up like hot springs in the last few decades have come a long way from the Turkish baths and fat farms of yore. Spa Journeys: For Mind Body and Soul explores 26 spas around the world and details their unique glories in a way that is both practically comprehensive and visually ambitious. Photographer Linda Troeller and author Annette Foglinotell tell stories through pictures and text of transporting experiences and life-altering offerings, from seawater pools and white sulphur springs to a curious "chocolate fondue" treatment (that could potentially make any raw-food diet a bit more palatable). Luckily, the book embraces spa worlds past and present--old-world remedies and practices meeting new-world luxuries and conveniences--and expounds in detail on the benefits and joys of both. For serious spa-goers, Spa Journeys is a satisfying read, as its rich cross-section of information is invaluable for someone on a path to renewal. While the visuals are often as refreshing and hypnotic as the locations themselves, pictures go mysteriously and frustratingly uncaptioned. (If, however, you are keen to know the significance of a spaceship-like capsule or being buried in piles of hay, picture credits are listed in the back.) --Christene Barberich
ISBN: 1576871908
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Hardcover : 192 pages
Language: English
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