Michael Clinton

by Michael Clinton
Publisher's Description
Signed First Edition.
At the age of seventeen, author Michael Clinton could not have fathomed his future and immensely successful career trajectory as magazine publishing mogul. Recently celebrating his mid-century mark, Clinton had a separate cause for jubilation. He had completed the achievement of a lifetime and a promise he made to himself as that once curious, optimistic, and ambitious teenager: He had just returned from Antarctica, and a photographic foray to his 100th country. What began as a larger-than-life aspiration has, over the years, slowly manifest itself in countless memories, experiences, plane tickets, journal entries, and in thousands of gorgeous photographs-over 250 of which are showcased for the first time ever in Wanderlust: 100 Countries, A Personal Journey. In these awe-inspiring images, Clinton has not only visited the places most people fantasize about, he has also captured their individual mystery, beauty, and essence. Captured here is the essence of one man's long-term personal quest achieved, along with a range of travel and photography that will scintillate even the most jaded viewer.
ISBN: 1576872246
Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated
Hardcover : 170 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10.4 x 11.1 x 0.9 inches
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