Nicky the Jazz Cat
by Carol Friedman
Publisher's Description
“I’ve worked with the best cats around, and Nicky is one of a kind. This sweet and soulful jazz cat followed his dream and came out a winner. I love him and so will the kids!” —Quincy Jones

“Nicky the Jazz Cat teaches young people about humor, improvisation, and individuality. His swinging adventures with his special jazz friends will inspire and delight children as they learn. Nicky is one cool cat!” —Wynton Marsalis

When a jazz-loving kitten named Nicky meets a legendary trumpet player, he learns how to play jazz and word travels fast—soon all the top musicians hear about this jazz cat and want to play with him. This charming story is illustrated with photographs of Nicky with jazz greats Roy Eldridge, Lionel Hampton, Lena Horne, Quincy Jones, Abbey Lincoln, and Gerry Mulligan as they meet and make friends. The colorful graphics and rhyming text—call and response conversation between Nicky and his new musician friends—reflect the humor, rhythm, and spirit of jazz itself. Nicky the Jazz Cat teaches children about the magic of jazz, the value of friends and mentors, and the power of imagination and originality. Children and adults alike will delight in his journey from curious jazz kitten to acclaimed jazz cat.
ISBN: 1576872483
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Hardcover : 32 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches
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