Jerusalem in 3000 Years
by Nachum Tim Gidal
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Jerusalem, a subject for photographers since the camera was invented, is a beautiful city with an intense history of complex struggles. It is both modern, with American-style malls in the western part, and ancient, with a labyrinthine Old City that is an alluring mix of middle eastern smells, sights and sounds. It is a holy place for three of the world's major religions, and yet often seems a center of fanaticism, not holiness. Even the 3000th anniversary celebration in 1996, commemorating the biblical conquest by King David, serves as a political statement, claiming the city as irrevocably Jewish. This collection of photographs ranging from the state visit of Kaiser Wilhelm, to battle pictures taken during the 1967 war, to scenes of daily life today, offers a pictorial history.
Publisher's Description
A thorough look, richly illustrated in drawings and photographs, at the history of this revered and fought-over city.
ISBN: 1577150015
Publisher: Knickerbocker Press
Hardcover : 259 pages
Language: English
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