Alexander Rodchenko

Rodchenko: Photography, 1924-1954
by Francis Nethercott Review
This is the most complete volume published outside of Russia to capture the photographic work of Alexander Rodchenko, one of the former Soviet Union's greatest artists. In it, Alexander Lavrentiev, grandson of the photographer, includes more than 400 pictures reproduced under a broad categorical structure that allows the reader to gain insight into Rodchenko's work. What comes across most clearly from the content and form of these photos is the artist's desire to depict an image of purposeful individuality and an idealized relationship between humankind and the built world under construction in the Soviet Union. Individual portraits generally contain a device, such as a reflection, or capture some movement that obliterates the standard style of Western portraiture. Buildings, even trees, are photographed to draw attention to the space they hold rather than to depict scenic landscapes. The photos are stunningly original.
Publisher's Description
Rodechenko, who started out as a Constructivist painter, was one of the most daring early Modernist photographers. He created his most renowned images by insisting on looking from new angles--he disdained waist level cameras and the "classical" view. This vast monograph presents these images along side hundreds of unknown others.
ISBN: 1577150023
Publisher: Knickerbocker Press
Hardcover : 344 pages
Language: English
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