Art of Seeing, The (7th Edition)
by Paul J. Zelanski
Publisher's Description
This best-selling exploration of traditional and contemporary art and artistic media focuses on 'art as seen from the artist's point of view,' treating artistic techniques and introductory aesthetic principles. It is an engaging, clear, and concise presentation with a multi-cultural emphasis. The careful design of the illustrations, text, headings, timelines, and boxes enhances the relationship between text and illustrations. The book has a four-part organization-'Part I' lays the foundation for seeing; 'Parts II and III' views two-and three-dimensional art; and 'Part IV' approaches art as it exists in time. Topics cover a broad range of media and traditional and contemporary art, including installation; video and performance art; encaustic; fresco; wood engraving; earthworks; computers and art. For anyone interested in art appreciation.
ISBN: 013158345X
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Paperback : 560 pages
Language: English
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