Print the Legend: Photography and the American West
by Martha A. Sandweiss
Publisher's Description
Martha Sandweiss is a professor of American studies and history at Amherst College and is well known to the photography community for her monumental study of Laura Gilpin, entitled Enduring Grace (Cat# TX009H $95). This new volume tells the intertwined tales of photography and the American West, beginning with the daguerreotypists who accompanied troops to the scenes of the Mexican-American War, and continuing through to the ever-growing awe conveyed by pioneering Western photographers. Sandweiss is particularly keen on the development and use of photography to create myth as well as examining the varied intents that photographers brought to their craft. The chapter on photography and book-making, from whence the title of the book is derived, is fodder for all involved in the book market, reader, photographer and publisher alike.
ISBN: 0300095228
Publisher: Yale University Press
Hardcover : 416 pages
Language: English
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