The Best of Wedding Photography: Techniques and Images from the Pros
by Bill Hurter
Publisher's Description
Learn the techniques used by professional wedding photographers—from how they identify and capture that perfect, romantic moment, to the critical skills they draw on every time they step behind the camera. Written by Bill Hurter, editor of Rangefinder magazine, this book features images from dozens of top professionals and reveals the secrets behind their creation. You’ll learn the skills needed to create flattering, attractive poses of the bride, groom, wedding party and family. Also covered are camera techniques for flawless portraits, lighting techniques for studio engagement and bridal portraits, and techniques for working effectively with natural light. You’ll learn about classic and contemporary styles of wedding photography, what shots you can’t miss, and even how to present proofs and design an effective album. From start to finish, this book is a key resource for photographers who truly want to create top-quality wedding images.
ISBN: 1584280859
Publisher: Amherst Media, Inc.
Paperback : 128 pages
Language: English
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