Children's Portrait Photography: A Photojournalistic Approach
by Kevin Newsome
Publisher's Description
This comprehensive resource illustrates how to use photojournalistic techniques to produce beautiful portraits of children that look candid and unposed—and stand in stark contrast to the predictable, prop-filled photographs of decades past. Besides looking stiff and unnatural, traditional portraitures can be hard on both photographers and parents who must persuade squirmy children to assume odd poses amid a set full of props. Instead, photographers can utilize children’s innate animation and ability to unknowingly pose themselves to create a beautiful, visual story while simultaneously providing parents with a plethora of wall-portrait opportunities. Tips on a variety of topics—from studio lighting and different shooting angles to handling parents and working with special-needs children—are also included alongside marketing, sales, and successful portrait-studio advice.
ISBN: 1584282061
Publisher: Amherst Media, Inc.
Paperback : 128 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.4 x 10.8 x 0.3 inches
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