Santa Fe: A Walk Through Time
by Kingsley Hammett
Publisher's Description
In Santa Fe: A Walk Through Time, author Kingsley Hammett takes us on a tour of downtown historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, capturing the architecture and the feel through photographs and essays. He tells the stories of the buildings that have come and gone; the people who lived, worked, and played in them; and the continual changes that make Santa Fe what it is today. From St. Francis Parochial School on San Francisco Street to the Claire Hotel on Lincoln Avenue to the San Miguel Mission Church on the Old Santa Fe Trail, the Santa Fe that tourists come to see today bears little resemblance to the city of just a few decades ago. Though Santa Fe today is still a very charming city, and to most visitors looks nothing like where they come from, it has undergone vast and sweeping changes in recent years. Hamett looks into the past to help recall some of what has been lost, preservation by way of memory, to help lovers of Santa Fe relive the history, nostalgia, and old-time romance of a truly magical place.
ISBN: 1586851020
Publisher: Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Hardcover : 156 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 11.9 x 11 x 0.8 inches
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