Eyes of the Storm: Hurricane Katrina and Rita The Photographic Story
by The Dallas Morning News
Publisher's Description
As Katrina bore down on the Gulf Coast, The Dallas Morning News dispatched photographers and writers to points all along the projected path. No one could have anticipated the breadth of the disaster that would unfold in Louisiana and Mississippi on Aug. 29. The Dallas Morning News was there, documenting the devastation of New Orleans and other cities, the desperation of victims and rescuers, and the fierce determination of evacuees to return and rebuild their lives. Twenty-six days later, Hurricane Rita reopened levees breached by Katrina as it slammed into Louisiana and Texas. Once again, The Dallas Morning News was there to record the events.

Today, as cities nationwide continue to house and help more than 1 million evacuees of these devastating storms, The Dallas Morning News offers the photo book Eyes of the Storm to aid relief efforts. Thanks to the generous support of corporate sponsors, The Dallas Morning News is able to donate all profits from the sale of this book to the nonprofit organizations that first responded and continue to respond to the needs of survivors.
ISBN: 1589793595
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Paperback : 256 pages
Language: English
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