In Human Touch
by Ernestine Ruben
Publisher's Description
"It was not until the age of 47 that Ernestine Ruben discovered the art of making photographs. Her rise on the international horizon has been hailed as meteoric, but like most seemingly instant artistic careers, hers seasoned over a long period, combining life-long interests in sculpture, dance, architecture, and the history of art. In Human Touch: Photographs by Ernestine Ruben accompanies a major exhibition of some 110 pieces opening at The University of Michigan Museum of Art in June 2001. The exhibition and book provide an overview of Ruben's career, and bring out the key issues and concerns that have informed her work as a photographer, namely: the human condition, landscape, dance, movement, and architecture. Focus, structure, and dimensionality have been key points within the making of Ruben's images, whether the subject matter is the artist's extraordinary work with the sculpture of Auguste Rodin in Paris, the Jewish Cemetery in Prague, or the ancient ruins of Petra. Ernestine Ruben's photographs and installations have been widely published, collected, and exhibited internationally. In Human Touch is our third book on the work of Ernestine Ruben."-the publisher.
ISBN: 1590050088
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover : 204 pages
Language: English
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