Lana: Photographs Made of a Single Locale
by Terri Weifenbach
Publisher's Description
From the publisher: "Terri Weifenbach has received international acclaim for her gorgeous, vividly colored landscape photographs -- and deservedly so. She has been described as "the Emily Dickinson of photography" and the work in this new book can only strengthen her reputation as a truly original force in contemporary art. Weifenbach creates images based on seemingly unexceptional pastoral scenes that become quite extraordinary through her masterful presentation of their subject matter. Sometimes a whole picture is shot out of focus, or perhaps just one detail -- a leaf, a bud, a blade of grass -- is sharply focused, commanding attention, while the rest gently recedes into a soft and mellow blur. The results are breathtaking as, dream-like and entrancing, they evoke gentle memories of hazy summer days. The images for this, the artist's third monograph, were made in Lana, a small Italian village nestling in the mountainous South Tyrol."
ISBN: 1590050258
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover Language: English
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