Terri Weifenbach

Terri Weifenbach: Lana, Limited Edition (with Print)
by Weifenbach Terri
Publisher's Description
Whereas her first two monographs were clearly about place, but not rooted to a specific location, Weifenbach's latest monograph, Lana, is thoroughly situated in a particular locale, a town of the same name resting in the South Tyrol mountains of Italy. Weifenbach has never shied from the beautiful; her images celebrate natural color and through the use of selective focus she distills scenes and plants to their essential aspects. She embodies the ideal role of the artist working in nature, allowing the manifold of sensory perceptions to filter through her mind, translating this materia prima into her own graceful language. This is brilliant work and a gorgeous book. The limited edition is signed, numbered and has a color print tipped onto the cover.
ISBN: 1590050266
Publisher: Nazraeli Press
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