Alders: Photographs
by Robert Adams
Publisher's Description
One Picture Book # 12
Alders by Robert Adams

'Following acts of violence / we are offered, if we wish, the stillness of alder leaves/ moving in concert with an easterly wind/ in the morning.'
- from After Great Fear by Carolyn Dunn

This thoughtful and moving addition to our One Picture Book series opens with a tranquil view of trees in a forest, transformed in a short sequence of pictures to falling lumber. Robert Adams has produced a set of five images that with beautiful simplicity tell their own devastating story. Adams's sister, Carolyn Dunn, wrote the three haunting poems that accompany his work, and was recently awarded a William Bronk Foundation prize for poetry. Highly collectable and printed in an edition of only 500 copies, Alders includes an original black-and-white photograph, printed by Rolfe Horn under the direction of Robert Adams, tipped into the book. Each book is numbered and signed.

Hardcover, 5-1/2 x 7-1/4, 16 pages, 4 duotone plates, 3 poems, 1 original black-and-white print.
ISBN: 1590050320
Publisher: Nazraeli Press
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