Joseph Mills

Inner City
by Joseph Mills
Publisher's Description
'Mills is a good enough picture maker to intrigue us and yet he is determined to keep us on the edge of unknowing.' - Anne Tucker Joseph Mills is a mid-career artist who has produced three distinct but interlocking bodies of work. He is best known for his surreal photomontages and collages, which were the subject of a one-person exhibition at The Corcoran Gallery in Spring 2003. The other two series are the ongoing affair, through photography, with his wife; and his black and white street work, the latter of which are featured in his first monograph, Inner City. People and their detritus are the focal points of these pictures. His subjects are not Washington¹s elite, but those whose situations in life are more peripheral and vulnerable: children, street prophets, the homeless and the mentally unstable. The resulting pictures are both about the inner city life he records and his own internal conflicts. Printed on outdated paper and heavily coated in amber toned varnish, Mills' photographs become objects, 'windows onto some world that really wasn't out there.' Published in association with Hemphill, Washington, DC; essay by Anne Tucker.
ISBN: 159005055X
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover : 68 pages
Language: English
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