Mark Wyse

18 Landscapes
by Mark Wyse
Publisher's Description
It comes as no surprise that Mark Wyse hones his artistic vision in Los Angeles. His images, rich with the rapture of light and detail that have attracted photographers since the conception of the medium, both confound and embrace photographic conventions. Through the descriptive power allowed by the 8 x 10 view camera, Wyse directs our eye through expansive Californian views with the precise detail of aerial maps, enticing us into recesses, and forcing us along impenetrable surfaces. It is through Wyse’s acute awareness of heightened vision that he is able to absorb us into the pictorial surface, a surface that oscillates between the hyper-real and his own nostalgic leanings. In Wyse’s hands, the drama of the view is never found in the landscape it describes, nor the light it exploits, but in the very act of perception itself. Wyse’s images project a balanced relationship in which man seamlessly assimilates into the landscape that surrounds him. His contemporary landscapes present nature and man as a united, harmonious entity, creating a timeless illusion of lasting tranquility, allowing the viewer to drift into the picture and back into memory. 18 Landscapes is printed in a first edition of 1,000 copies.
ISBN: 159005119X
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover : 56 pages
Language: English
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