Rolfe Horn

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Rolfe Horn: 28 Photographs
by Rolfe Horn
Publisher's Description
Rolfe Horn is a seer in both the real and the other world. He shifts back and forth creating a balance of visual dynamics working as his photographic canvas. It is not the comings to his final destinations that is the goal; it is the curious journey in its wanderings that makes the creative possibilities. — from the Introduction by Dennis High

Whether focusing his lens on soft and misty undergrowth or stark, man-made structures, Rolfe Horn has a natural talent to arrest one’s gaze and hold it captive. The striking selection of 28 black-and-white photographs in this, our second monograph of Horn’s work, will impress from the very first viewing; the inevitable desire to explore more deeply will uncover significant details that might otherwise go unnoticed. With his subtle use of tone and lighting, this talented young photographer has produced a body of work that is touched with a quietness and an alluring, dream-like quality. The first printing of 28 Photographs sold out upon publication. This second printing is limited to 500 casebound copies.
ISBN: 159005122X
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover : 44 pages
Language: English
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