Carl Chiarenza

Interaction: Verbal/Visual
by Carl Chiarenza
Publisher's Description
The reality in a photograph is make-believe. Nothing instructs us about that better than a caption; when a word hits a photograph, they both change their focus. When a sequence of images makes contact with an essay, their shared world metamorphoses into a journey inward as well as outward. As it is paired with a variety of kinds of verbal accompaniment, one photograph in this book is the focus of an adventure in changeable reality. A sequence of 16 photographs called ¡'Locomotive,' reflecting Chiarenza's early love of railroads, completes the book's travels through verbal/visual metamorphosis. The sequence's pace, content and form create a multifaceted experience of the 3-dimensional world of the place, while also reflecting the physical, emotional and fictional reverie of being on a fantasy adventure aboard an illusory moving train. This artist's book, Chiarenza's senior thesis of a half-century ago, explores the theoretical verbal/visual world of words and pictures through practice. Three copies of the book were produced at the time, each containing original prints, variegated pages, and hand-set-and-printed titles. This facsimile edition is limited to 250 copies printed letter-press, with tipped-in duotone reproductions. Each copy is numbered and signed by the artist.
ISBN: 1590051424
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Plastic Comb Language: English
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